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Kind Attn: All Superintendent Engineer, Punjab PWD B&R , Punjab

Links : https://vpn.punjabgovt.gov.in || http://iwdms.punjabgovt.gov.in

Suprintendent Engineer,Amritsar ENG_AMR_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Bhatinda ENG_BHA_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Chandigarh ENG_CHA_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Faridkot ENG_FAR_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Ferozpur ENG_FER_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Hoshiarpur ENG_HOS_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Jalandhar - 1 ENG_JAL1_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Jalandhar - 2 ENG_JAL2_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Ludhiana ENG_LUD_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Patiala - 1 ENG_PT1_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Patiala - 2 ENG_PT2_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Pathankot ENG_PAT_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,Sangrur ENG_SAN_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,C W Amritsar ENG_CWA_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,C W Chandigarh ENG_CWC_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,C W Ferozepur ENG_CWF_PWD
Suprintendent Engineer,C W Ludhiana ENG_CWL_PWD

Contact Person(s) for password / assistance:-

1. Er. Karun Sharma TCS 7355180983
2. Er. Vikramjit Singh AE 9888882308

IWDMS (Integrated Workflow Document Management System) is a multilingual solution for automating the functions at all levels of the administrative hierarchy of any governmental department/office.

IWDMS provides document management, workflow management, collaborative environment and knowledge management in an integrated fashion and delivers an electronic workplace.

IWDMS Modules

Core Module: This Module addresses the core aspects of the system functionality. Core Functionality is the backbone of IWDMS solution on which the common and department specific modules are built.

Common Module: Common Module deals with functions for employees and office procedures that are common throughout the secretariat for all employees.

Department Specific Module: The Department Specific module would cater to the sub modules that capture the specific functions of the department. There are in all 43 departments within the main and mini secretariat.

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