Link Roads

1. Introduction: -
Link Roads are the life line of rural economy of any state. In Punjab State the total length of link roads is 64878 km which falls under 154 market committees. On agriculture produce brought to the mandies, various market committee of state charge marketing fee from the farmers. A part of this fee is kept by the market committee for its own expenditure and development activities and other parts is contributed to their central body, agricultural and marketing board Chandigarh commonly known as Punjab Mandi Board. A portion of this amount is utilized for the repairs/construction of village roads primarily to facilitate carriage of agricultural produce to be brought to mandies. Punjab Mandi Board is nodal agency for Link Road works in Punjab State and Administrative Approval for Link Roads schemes is issued by Punjab Mandi Board. Out of 154 market committees 80 market committees fall under the jurisdiction of PWD (B&R) department and length of link roads under these market committees is 32890 km. Balance 74 market committees falls under the jurisdiction of Punjab Mandi Board and length of link roads under these market committees 31988 km. The District Wise distribution of Market Committees for Link Roads falling under jurisdiction of PWD B&R is enclosed at Annexure- A.
2. Funding of Link Road schemes:-
As brought about in para No. 1 above, main source of funding for link roads works is Punjab Mandi Board/Market Committees. Also from time to time repair/new construction works of Link Roads are carried out from funds provided by Punjab Rural Development Board. In addition to this sometimes, funds are also received through District Administration under various schemes for works related to Link Roads. PWD (B&R) executes link road works funded by Punjab Mandi Board/RDB and other funding agencies as deposit works but as per decision at Govt. level no departmental charges for deposit works are charged.--
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