Punjab Works Department (B & R)

1.1 - National Highway

SNoName of CircleName of WorkLength(In Km)Administrative Approval Job No & DateAdministrative Approval Amount (In Lacs)Technical Sanction No & DateTechnical Sanction Amount(In Lacs)Tender Amount (In Lacs)Fund ReceivedPhysical Progress Upto the End of Previous Month(in %age)Physical Progress During MonthTotal Progress (in %age)Financial Progress Upto the End of Previous Month(Rs. In Lacs)Financial Progress During the Month(Rs. In Lacs)Total Expd.(Rs. In Lacs)Date of AllotmentDate of CompletionReason for DelayRemarks
1Central Works Circle, AmritsarConstruction of ROB in lieu of level crossing No. A/12/B/2 at Km 112-113 on NH-15 (New NH-54) at Amritsar alongwith High Level Bridge over adjoinig UBDC Canal in the State of Punjab in Amritsar City2.45Job No.RW NH- 12014/PB/3/15-16-008 S&R (B) dt. 23.03.201613948.00UNDER PROCESS0.0011331.0013525.0099.50% 99.50%13684.170.0013684.1705/03/201715.10.2020 99.5% Work Completed. EOT granted upto 15.10.2020. Only PUP work is pending and revised GAD of this PUP has been approved on 10.06.2020.
2Central Works Circle, AmritsarConsultancy service for preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report in the State of Punjab on BOT/EPC/HYBRID ANNUITY Mode for the road stretch from Tarn Taran- Goindwal-Kapurthala road50.00 0.00   Tender based cost estimate has been sent to Govt. of India MORT&H New Delhi vide CE(NH) Pb Patiala memo No. 45/NH dt. 02.01.2019 for Rs. 116.20 lacs for approval.
3Central Works Circle, Amritsar“Development to four lanes with paved side shoulders of Jalandhar- Hoshiarpur section of NH-03 (Old name NH-70), from design Ch. 7.00+830 (Existing Km 8+000) at village Jandu Singha to Design Ch 11.400 (Existing Km 11.570) at village Madar, District Jalandhar, (Project Length=3.570 km) 3.57NH-70(New NH-03)-PB-2018-19-5001504.00UNDER PROCESS0.00954.230.0020% 20% Work held up since January-2020, due to non cutting of trees. Final approval yet not issued by the MOEF, Chandigarh. 20% work completed.
4Central Works Circle, AmritsarConsultancy Services for preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report in the State of Punjab for improvement of existing road, geometric design , safety measures and other related works for the road NH-154A From KM 0.00 to 39.36 Upto Himachal Pradesh Boundary B39.36 1184/NH dated 06.03.2019121.95 0.00116.2417.4370%070%17.430.0017.4327/03/2019  The activities related to Land Acuistion, Utlity Shifting and forest Clearance were under process.
5Central Works Circle, AmritsarStrengthening of 32.200 Km section of Phagwara –Hoshiarpur ( Km 0 to 32.200 ) on NH-344 B in the state of Punjab on EPC mode.32.20RW/NH-12014/1414/2019/PB/Zone-II dated 21.11.20193301.00UNDER PROCESS0.002194.900.000%3%3% Work stopped for compliance the agreement conditions 3% work completed
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