Punjab Works Department (B & R)

1.7 - 3054 Non Plans

SNoCircle NameRoad/Bridge NameLength(In Km)Administrative No/DateAdministrative Amount(In Lacs)Technical Sanction No & DateTechnical Sanction Amount(In Lacs)Date of AllotmentTender Amount(In Lacs)Physical Progress Upto End of Previous MonthPhysical Progress During MonthPhysical Total ProgressFinancial Progress Upto End of Previous MonthFinancial Progress During MonthTotal Expd(In Lacs)Date of Completion As per Allotment/RevisedReason for DelayRemarks
1Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharStrengthening of Kathar Town to Sant Baba Bhag Singh Technology park12.08AA No. 3054 from FD as per ref. id no. 10/57/2019-2FE4/1562920/1 Dt 02.09.2019250.00-0.0018/03/2021153.290%5%5% in Progress work allotted to M/S Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal Provision/Progress BC= 5.32/0.00Km
2Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharPatch work at Phagwara Dosanjh Mukandpur Road Km 0.00 to 18.70 = 18.70 Km18.70-17.005554 Dt. 26.06.202017.0024/09/202016.4150%30%80% in progress provisions/Progress Pending Liability 3.70 Lacs Still Pending Patch work 14.60
  Total30.78 267.00 17.00 169.70   
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