Punjab Works Department (B & R)

3.1 - 4059 Plan Heads

SNoName of CircleName of WorkFunding AgencyApproval No & DateAmountTechnicalNoTechnicalAmountAmount(In Lacs)Funds ReceivedPhysical Progress Upto End of PreviousPhysical Progress During MonthPhysical Total ProgressFinancial Progress Upto End of PreviousFinancial Progress During MonthTotal Expd(In Lacs)Date of AllotmentDate of CompletionReason for DelayElectrical Progress Upto End of PreviousElectrical Progress During MonthElectrical Total Expd(In Lacs)Remarks
1Construction Circle, FaridkotConstruction of Judicial Court complex including residences at Gidderbaha Distt Sri Muktsar SahibPb. Govt. Head 4059-C.O.H.A.J.1 PW3.2(2)-CourtPb.Govt.Memo No. 14/47/15-2 ADA (2) (P.F.) (2751 dt. 20.12.20181647.96CE(W) PTA memo no. 224/Nirman dt. 15.01.20191647.961165.99250.0037%1%38%250.000.00250.0021.02.201931.03.2021 Late receipt of funds and late payment to contractor by treasury office. Delay in start of work due to lok sabha election 2019 and forest clearance for site.   Work is in progress. Right Block GF, FF : Roof slab laid. Middle Block : GF completed. FF floor slab laid 80% & remaining work of roof slab is in progress. Left Block : GF & FF roof slab laid & FF brick work is in progress. Middle block 7 Right block FF brick work in progress. B/wall : 50% completed. Residential House : Sr. Divn. Completed upto roof level. Jr. Divn. 1st GF slab laid level & 2nd completed upto roof level & 3rd upto plinth level.
    Total1647.96 1647.961165.99250.00   250.000.00250.00       
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