Punjab Works Department (B & R)

1.6 - 5054 Plan Heads

SNoCircle NameRoad/Bridge NameLength(In Km)Administrative No/DateAdministrative Amount(In Lacs)Technical Sanction No & DateTechnical Sanction Amount(In Lacs)Date of AllotmentTender Amount(In Lacs)Physical Progress Upto End of Previous MonthPhysical Progress During MonthPhysical Total ProgressFinancial Progress Upto End of Previous MonthFinancial Progress During MonthTotal Expd(In Lacs)Date of Completion As per Allotment/RevisedReason for DelayRemarks
1Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharKartarpur Kapurthala Nakodar Nurmehal-Phillaur Road48.49Secty PWD B&R-3br. Memo No. 10/57/2019 2FE4/4562920/1 Dt. 02.09.20192805.15-0.0016/10/20192133.6347%1%48%536.22357.03893.2530.09.2021-Work in progress provision/progress GSB 0.34/0.34 WMM-13.39/12.04 DBM 46.50/14.50 BC-48.49/0.00
2Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharReru Dhogro to Alwawalpur via Village Dhogri9.6010/57/19-2FE4/1562920/1 Dt. 02.09.2019485.00-0.0007/01/2020414.014%0%4%0.370.000.3730.04.2021-Provision /progress GSB= 1.65/0.00Km WMM =1.65/0.00Km DBM= 9.60/0.00Km BC= 9.60/0.00 KM 1% Penalty imposed to the contractor Estimate submitted to Chief Engineer Patiala for technical sanction vide S.E office No. 1929 dt. 15.11.2019 for Rs. 494.46 Lacs, Now work held as Punjab water Supply and sewerage board to lay water supply pipe line along this road. pending liability 20.00 Lacs still pending.
3Construction Circle No. 1, JalandharSpecial repair of Jalandhar jandu singh Plan road (JODR-1) including maintenance for 3 years5.06Secretary of Punjab Govt. PWD B&R Chandigarh Vide T/O Letter No. 1591696/3 Dt. 07.10.2019235.00-0.0007/01/2020235.0039%0%39%44.240.0044.2431.05.2021-Provision/ Progress GSB=1.01/1.01 Km. WMM=1.09/1.09Km. DBM= 2.56/0.65Km Fund Received 46.27 Lacs Bill sent to Treasury Office Under Process.
  Total63.15 3525.15 0.00 2782.64   580.83357.03937.86   
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