Punjab Works Department (B & R)

1.4.1 - SR PIDB Funded 2016-17

SNoCircle NameDistrict NameConstituencyAdministrative Approval Length(In Km)Administrative Approval Amount (In Lacs)Technical Sanction Length(In Km)Technical Sanction Amount(In Lacs)Tender Amount(In Lacs)Physical Progress Upto the End of Previous Month(in %)Physical Progress During the Month(in %)Total Physical Progress(in %)Total Length Completed(in Km)Expenditure Upto the end of Previous Month (Rs. in lacs)Expenditure During the Month (Rs. in lacs)Total Expd(In Lacs)Funds Received(in Lacs)Date of CompletionReason for DelayRemarks
1Construction Circle, LudhianaLudhianaGill33.40450.5033.40450.38426.68100010033.40384.000.00384.00384.0031.12.17   
   Total33.40450.5033.40450.38426.68   33.40384.000.00384.00384.00   
Latest Uploaded on 30 August