Punjab Works Department (B & R)

4.1 - 4-A PSRSP

SNoName of WorkLength(In Km)Estimated Cost(In Lacs)Technical No & DateTechnical Amount(In Lacs)Annual TargetDate of Start of Bituminous WorkPhysical Progress Upto the End of Previous Month (in Kms)Physical Progress During the MonthTotal Progress (in kms)Financial Progress Upto the End of Previous Month (in Lacs)Financial Progress During the MonthTotal Expenditure (in Lacs)Date of AllotmentDate of Completion As per Allotment/RevisedReason for DelayRemarks
1Improvement, Rehabilitation, Resurfacing & Routine Maintenance Works of roads of Sangrur-Mansa-Bathinda Contract Area under Output and Performance Based Road Contract (OPRC) PSRSP/WB/OPRC/1/ICB) Total Length of Network : 203.68 Km 203.6860000.00No objection from the World Bank has been received on 19-10-2012 and the Letter of Acceptenace has been issued to the Contractor on 22.10.1259636.14  7617743394.001277.5044671.502012-12-054.12.2022   
2Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of 4 No's Bridges across the Canals/drains on Sunam-Lehragaga road (MDR) upto Junction with NH-148-B0.00328.50Memo No. 1007 Dated 09.12.2016291.50  20 to non availability of timely canal closures 
3WORKS CONSTRUCTIOIN OF APPROACHES TO ROB ON EXISTING LEVEL CROSSING NO.A-227B/E-2 ON BATHINDA-DELHI RAIL SECTION AT KM 273/4-5 & AT KM 96.00 OF BHWANIGARH-SUNAM-BHIKHI-KOTSHAMIR ROAD, NEAR BHAI BAKHTOUR, DISTT. BATHINDA ALONGWITH SERVICE LANES AND DIVERSION ROAD ON EPC BASIS.1.402899.00Memo No. 711 dated 29.08.2016 Notification of Award 714/30.08.16 Amount Rs.2248.00  900901933.380.001933.382016-09-2928.6.2017 Delay in Railway Commomn Pier. 
 Total205.0863227.50 62175.64     45327.381277.5046604.88    
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