Public Works Department (Buildings and Roads) is a premier agency of the State Government for construction, up gradation and maintenance of roads, buildings and bridges in the State. The department also acts as the technical advisor to the State Government in all aspects of construction activity. 

From its inception in 1854, Public Works Department (Buildings and Roads) has been endeavoring to provide technical lead to other departments of the State Government by introducing latest construction techniques and materials, so as to achieve higher standards. 

Public Works department has been maintaining material database and has standardized the Specifications, Common Schedule of Rates, Confidential analysis etc. for adoption by all other departments, Boards and Corporations of the State Govt. 

The PWD (B&R) has been entrusted by the state Government to undertake primarily the following tasks: 

  • Construction & Maintenance of New Roads & Bridges;
  • Design, Construction & Maintenance of Govt. buildings;
  • Undertaking Deposit Contribution works relating to different Departments of Govt. of Punjab as well as of other Local Bodies;
  • Fixation of rent of Private premises requisitioned for housing Govt. offices;
  • Designs, construction, maintenance and repairs of runway relating to the Aviation Department;
  • Development of Parks and Gardens in the vicinity of important Public Buildings and landscaping of grounds;
  • Reservation of Govt. Rest Houses and Circuit Houses;
  • To permit construction of approaches on both sides of roads to private individuals, institutions, factories, petrol pumps etc;
  • To evacuate the encroachments coming along the road sides; and
  • All aspects of tendering process right from the pre-qualification stage to the opening of bids and its evaluation.